At dreamlux commercial we design & manufacture worktops for the commercial sector such as bars, restaurants, hotels, receptions, retail industry & healthcare environments such as hospitals & medical centres. We have worked with architects, interior designers, builders, contractors & business owners to create practical and durable commercial area worktop surfaces. From standard surfaces to more complex curved designs

restaurant work surfaces

We can manufacture restaurant worktops to match your existing restaurant interior. Providing hygienic, durable and practical work surfaces that suit the environment whilst looking superb from a design perspective too. Our restaurant worktops are designed and manufactured to be long lasting and durable Restaurant worktop ranges are made from solid surface materials such as Corian, quartz, marble and granite but also wood such as walnut too

bar worktops

Our bar worktops are specially designed to look fabulous and manufactured to suit your needs. Bar worktops need to stand the test of time – we can advise on the best product to suit your needs.

reception work surfaces

Our hotel worktops are designed to stand out in your hotel reception areas, hotel buffet areas or hotel bathroom areas.

retail & reception

We manufacture stunning worktops for receptions area for offices, shops & retail.

healthcare hygenic worktops

Manufacturers of worktops in hygienic materials for use in doctor’s surgeries, dental clinics, health clinics and hospitals.

laboratory work surfaces

Hygienic & durable work surfaces for labs.